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    Red Dragon Taekwondo - Welcome to our Site.

    Red Dragon Taekwondo is a West Sydney based Martial Arts and Fitness Club, that has recently expanded to numerous sites. We specialise in Kids Self Defence and Fitness Training for ages 5-7 as well as older kids, teens and Adults. With Classes running in places like Guildford, Merrylands, Marayong, Seven Hills, Kellyville, Tregea and Villawood, we hope to convince you as to why training in Taekwondo is right for you.

    About Taekwondo

    Modern Taekwondo was founded in the middle of the 20th Century, and the founder is credited as General Choi, the Father of Modern Taekwondo.

    Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art that literally translates to "The Way of the Hand and Foot".

    It is a Martial Art that has similarities to the Japanese Art of Karate where Self Defence Techniques focus on Blocking and Striking a would be Attacker. The difference is that Taekwondo predominantly relies on Kicking and is a very Aerobic Martial Art as a result.

    It is not that we don't use our hands, we just don't want to position ourselves where we rely on hand techniques as much. From close distances we can incorporate devastating Kicking Techniques and position ourselves away from the attacker, still being able to keep an attacker back with distance kicks.

    Kids Taekwondo

    In 2008, we launched our Little Ninjas (then called Crimson Dragons) class which is targeted at 5-7 year olds. At Red Dragon Tae Kwon Do we have had a lot of success developing younger students together with a parent or more senior family member, typically 5 year olds are not well accepted in most martial arts clubs. The idea behind the Crimson Dragons is to stimulate the young ones through simpler techniques, fun training ideas and at the same time monitoring their progress until our professional instructors feel they are ready to graduate to the senior class. If you have a small child who would benefit from this sort of class, where belts and formal structure are not so immediately important, I urge you to bring them along to try the class.       

    We have recently successfully opened new Crimson Dragons Classes in Seven Hills, Guildford, Kellyville and Villawood areas, please see the Class Timetable for details.

    Little Ninjas performing Warm up Games

    Class of 2010

    Charlotte and Nicola from our Merrylands Junior Dragons Class (8-12 year olds) who have recently graduated to this Class from Little Ninjas.

     Click Here if you wish to access an additional Fact Sheet on this program.

    Why Taekwondo?

    Today, it is more important than ever to have confidence in yourself if you hope to succeed in life.

    At Red Dragon Taekwondo, our goal is to help you achieve yours. When you join we ask you to specify what you hope to achieve through your training.

    Common Goals are:


    • Self Defence Skills
    • Fitness
    • Improve Flexibility
    • Achieve Black Belt
    • Build Self Confidence
    • Improve Focus and Discipline
    • To have Fun
    • Stop Bullying


    General thinking regarding Taekwondo Training principles is that we only focus on kicking. This is a common misconception. Traditional Taekwondo Self Defence Teaches Spatial Awareness, Impoves Peripheral Vision, teaches Locking and Sweeping techniques and especially Disarming techniques. We have a Full Self Defence Program from White Belt to Black Belt Level. This is taught as a Curriculum and graded on. Our goal is to have you defending against multiple attackers in a sparring situation. This is achieved at Black Belt Level and incorporates defences against grabbing clothes or hair, punching to the face repeatedly, headlocks, choke holds, tackles and knife attacks. We also do alot of kicking...


    Taekwondo is a very aerobic martial art, great for losing weight and general strength training. We also focus heavily on Warm ups and Stretching to minimise injury during training. We incorporate warmup games to ensure people enjoy their training and are fully engaged and motivated. We provide challenging excercises and focus alot on abdominal strength and conditioning. Students generally love the training and get to achieve things they never thought they could do.

    At Red Dragon Taekwondo, we teach BOTH Traditional and Sports Taekwondo.

    All students do Traditional but about 10-20% will pursue further Sports Taekwondo activities which we encourage. We have Full Contacting Sparring to encourage and apply our techniques in a controlled way, but gives the student the ability to apply their techniques to actually strike an opponent, or more importantly to feel what it is like to be hit.

    Taekwondo has a huge presence in Australia and arguably is the most popular martial art in the country.

    We are a Fully Registered Club with Taekwondo Australia, Our instructors are NCAS Qualified and we have many successes at State Championship level.

    Our Aspirations are to grow as a Club and take our successes further through demonstrations, tournaments, Camps and Workshops.

    Our Motto is: "Excellence through Inspiration, Dedication and Perspiration".

    Site Structure

    Our Site has a simple structure, with our pages on the website displayed on the left, and the resulting page shown centrally. You should see our Banner of the 2 Paddles and our logo at the top.

    To Navigate just click on the page you wish to see, please note there are some layered folders, this means when you click on a selection with a + next to it, it means you will see additional pages to select from as a Sub Menu. Click on the page beneath the heading. An example is our Class Timetable, you will see selections for Sydney and Melbourne. Click on Sydney or Melbourne to get the class details.

    The Navigation Selections should be self explanatory, but if you are new to our site and researching the club, please review "About Us", "Class Time Table" and Enquiries if you wish to get in contact with us.

    For existing Students, We have the discussion Forum so you can post questions (or responses), we have the Student Information Page which has forms you can download, the Calendar of Events so you know what is coming up, About us will contain photos of our students that our Head Instructor uploads, Head Instructor Journal will contain Articles for you to read about our Events, Advise on training and diet, Announcements and the like.

    As always if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site or require some feedback, please use the discussion Forum to do so or email jtsoutis@gmail.com.