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    What is the best martial art for your kids?

    It used to be that most Martial Arts Schools would not accept small children. At Red Dragon Taekwondo, our Little Ninjas program was created as a kids only Taekwondo Class. It was designed to provide the right blend of Martial Arts training and fun, interactive games to help stimulate children from ages 4-7. This program is offered in Western Sydney, from Villawood to Kellyville, Merrylands to Tregear.

    "My son keeps raving about the class and cannot wait until the next one comes!" - Mel, mother of Liam age 6

    The environment is safe and not threatening to kids.
    "My daughter loves the class, I was worried that the kids would be too agressive, but they are not."- Steve, father of Lauren, age 5

    Children get to enjoy:

    • Student of the week award
    • Simplified stretching and fitness games
    • Lots of interactive games that makes them exercise without them even realising
    • Eagerness to demonstrate their kicks, blocks, movement and fitness
    • End of term test to earn their "stripe"

    We think it's important to improve children's confidence and provide goal that even the most reluctant child will want to achieve.
    "Thanks for awarding my child the medal for student of the week, that really built up his confidence." - Stephanie, mother of Caleb age 5

    Red Dragon Taekwondo Instructors are proud to teach the Little Ninjas class and see their students succeed. The instructors also run After School Care coaching programs withing Western Sydney to great success at Primary Schools.

    Little Ninjas – Ages 4 to 7

    Our Little Ninjas Kids Taekwondo Classes are FUN and designed to excite little minds through:

    • Game based exercises using natural movements 
    • Achievable Goals and Rewards 
    • Happiness through gaining a sense of achievement 
    • Build resilience and improve fitness 
    • Make new friends and have a sense of belonging

    For Kids older than 7, we have our Junior Dragons Classes.

    Junior Dragons – Ages 8 to 12

    As kids grow and develop, they can move into our Junior Dragons Program, which offer a more formal kids taekwondo program without sacrificing the fun. Junior Dragons is catered for a more mature mind (about ages 8-12).

    When a Little Ninja student steps up to the Junior Dragons Class, they find it's a huge achievement. Little Ninjas Students really thrive when they go to the formal classes as they compehend the basics and already have a desire to achieve.

    Junior Dragons students are typically active kids looking to build their fitness, learn self defence (because of bullying) or train with their friends or family members. 

    Children really thrive in the positive environment, but at the same time learn the values of respect, patience, resilience and discipline. 

    Some of the children do Taekwondo as an additional sport (it really helps develop their flexibility, power and speed) and others have found their sport in Taekwondo.

    "I have tried lots of sports and never enjoyed them, I have now tried Taekwondo and I can confidently say I found the sport for me!" - Danny, Student Age 12

    Danny is a good example of how Taekwondo training, through it's dicsipline and mental management routines can help a child find their way.

    "Danny used to struggle at school, be picked on and generally didn't have enthusiasm for himself. Once he started Taekwondo we saw a change, he found himself having something to look forward to, he found himself really good at something and amazingly his school work, attitude to school and family life reflected this as he started to improve. We are really happy." Danny's Father

    Danny now consistently competes in our club Sparring Tournaments and his goal is to compete at the State Championships. Danny won gold at the last Club Tournament.

    If you are a parent who would like to give our exciting program a try, please contact John to book a free trial.

    If you have questions regarding our martial arts program, or are unsure of what you are looking for, please give John a call (or send an email) as he is more than happy to provide no obligation advice on choosing the right martial art for your child.


    We limit the numbers in the class to ensure a good student to instructor ratio, so feel free to contact John to see if there are free trial spaces available for any class.

    If you want to learn more about how you or your child can make a Positive Change, call John now to discuss our offerings and to reserve your free trial spot. 

    See our Timetable for Little Ninjas (Ages 4-7) or Junior Dragons (Ages 8-12) to see if there is a class near you.

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    If you are looking for Family Training or generally ages over 13, we recommend our Senior Dragons Classes (ages 13+ and Families).

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