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    Into the Dragon's Den and Not enough Ninjas Classes

    Hi all,

    Welcome to a very hot and steamy start to Term 4. It is an unusually warm start to spring we have had, with temeratures well into the 30's. This makes for very sweaty training, much akin to trainig in the "Dragon's Den". Not all our classes are adorned with Air-conditioning (Lucky Merrylands and Seven Hills Classes) but we can all do plenty to keep ourselves cool during these hot months at Red Dragon Classes.

    Some "cool" suggestions include:

    1. Bring a spay type bottle filled with water so you can squirt your face during breaks
    2. Hydrate well before classes, remember the sweat you produce does cool you down, rteplenish your fluids during class
    3. If you want to have cold drinks, have them before and after training (not during) when your core body temperature is not high. During training you should be having cooled (not chilled) or room temperature water during breaks
    4. If you wish to purchase a TShirt, we have plenty available, they are another way to stay cool and not wear long sleeve uniforms.


    We have seen amazing numbers for all our classes after the relaxing school holidays. But what has been very impressive is the interest in our ninjas classes in the last 2 weeks. Due to the increased interest (where most of our classes now have wait lists) we have added a new Ninjas Class on Saturdays.

    The new Ninjas Class will commence October 31st and will run from 9am to 10am on a Saturday (prior to the existing class). I am giving all our existing members the first opportunity to potentially move their kids accross to this class if it suits them better. All our Westmead, Kellyville and Merrylands Ninjas Classea are full. If anyone wants to move across to the 9am class, please email me at jtsoutis@gmail.com or call me on 0419 165 416 to register your place. There are striclty 12 spaces available, so please act fast to reserve your place. With the other classes we are moving to adding additional instructors to ensure we maintain a good instructor / student ratio, but it would be helpful to reduce the numbers in these classes if anyone does wish to move to the 9am class.

    This term is an 11 week term, and we will be finishing our clases the last week of School. We will be publishing end of term dates, Grading Dates, Christmas Party invitations and Annual Fee Reminders before the end of year. Let's ll train hard and end this year feeling great and with a bang! See you at a class soon!



    Sydney Taekwondo Championships report by Adam Hopper

    Recently Red Dragon Taekwondo took a team to the Sydney Taekwondo Championships on the 30th of August 2015.

    We came out of the day with a total of 6 gold and 6 silver from our sparring team and 5 gold from our poomsae team.

    The event was in a new venue (Netball Central) at Homebush which was bright and intimate and had space for competitiors to warm up and stay relaxed. Overall we had a great day and experience.

    Here is our sparring team

    Zac Montone

    Luca Montone

    Dilan Ozhan

    Taylan Ozhan

    Adnan Kassab

    Yehye Kassab

    Kuganesvel Sivabalan

    Kavinesvell Sivebalan

    Elijah Terrado

    Emmanuell Terrado

    Christopher Piller

    Also our poomsae team

    Liam Young

    Jasmin Young (Who unfortunately could not compete due to feeling ill)

    Chris Kubisch

    John Tsoutis

    Also to our coaching team

    John Tsoutis

    Chris Kubisch

    Adam Hopper

    Rick Karvouniaris


    Most of our team arrived around 8 am where we proceeded to find some seats amongst the grandstands where we could set up and support our fellow Red Dragon Members.

    Then it came time for our team meeting where we all got together and made one of the goals for the day. Try and make your opponent score minimal points against you, and as you will see by the scores to come our team did just that.

    Firstly came Zach who won his first preliminary 3-0 fight and then moved onto his final winning 6-4. 1 Gold for Zach

    Secondly came Luca who was able to go straight to the finals we he fought fellow red dragon teammate Adnan where they had a great fight. Adnan was able to come out on top with a score of 6-3. 1 Silver for Luca

    Next came Adnan who also won his first fight 5-2 then later went onto fight another member of our Red Dragon team Luca and after a close match Adnan was victorious with a score of 6-3. 1 Gold for Adnan

    Now comes Yehye, his first fight he came out and adopted the use of his side kicks to keep his opponent back which opened him up to score with the roundhouse kick. He went on to win his first match 3-1, and then onto the final where unfortunately he was beat 1-4 but overall great performance. 1 Silver for Yehye.

    Next up we  come to Dilan, he came out and had a great match against a hard opponent, after a hard fight unfortunately Dilan was not able to pick up the W but with a score of 4-3 I think he did such an amazing job of keeping his opponents points low. 1 Silver for Dilan

    Next we have Kugan, he came out winning his first fight 3-2 and then moving onto the final where he lost his second fight 2-0. 1 Silver for Kugan

    Now we move onto one of our most experienced fighter he had competing that day Taylan. He had a total of 4 fights in 2 different weight divisions in which he was able to win 3 and loose 1. In his first division he came out his first fight and won 4-0 and moving onto his second fight where he dominated with his back kicks and scoring at will and ending the fight with a score of 12-8. In his second division he won his first fight 5-3 but after a really long day of waiting was not able to win his second with a score of 1-0. 1 Silver and 1 Gold for Taylan

    Next we have Christopher who came out and had a hard fight, unfortunately his opponent did not want to do head kicks which Chris had been training for but he made the most of the situation and fought his best and gaining a silver with a  score of 15-10. 1 Silver for Chris

    Next we have Emmanuell, he was lucky enough to get straight into a final match where we came out on top and won his fight securing yet another Gold for Red Dragon. 1 Gold for Emmanuell.

    Up next we have Elijah who was able to come out and have a victory with a score of 1-0. 1 Gold for Elijah

    Our last fighter of the day was Kavinesvell who came out and had the fight of his life and with the use of speed and movement was able to secure a gold medal for himself with a score of 14-9



    Now we move onto poomsae

    Liam was first up scoring a 5.18 in his division and securing himself a gold medal. Well done Liam

    Now Jasmin was all set and ready to compete until she was not feeling well and unfortunately had to pull out. Hopefully net time we will see her compete again and bring us home another great result.

    Now we move onto the 2 masters of the Club Master Chris Kubich who managed to get a solid 6.0 in his division winning a gold and also Master John Tsoutis who managed to score of 5.7 in his division also winning a gold.

    They then went onto compete in pairs poomsae where combined they managed to get a score of 6.2 and winning a gold.


    Overall we had a great day with a lot of positive results, we now know what we need to work on and next time we will come back bigger and stronger.

    Once again if you see and of our team in class please help me to congratulate them.

    Good work Guys


    Grading Schedule released

    Our Grading Calendar is now available, we have 4 grading times and venues you can choose from:

    September Grading Calendar

    In order to best prepare, review the following:

    Instructional Videos for all colour belt forms

    Self Defence Instruction Sheet (Note we have changed White Belt and this needs to be updated and is not reflected in the sheet)
    Self Defence Instruction Sheets 

    Read the Grading Criterea Section of my past post, gives you an outline of twhat is expected at Grading and how we judge your effort during the grading.
    Camp Permission form Due date and Grading Criterea 


    Red Dragon Tournament Draw v1 now available

    Hi all,


    Here is the link for the Draw for this Sunday.

    Tournament Draw

    Weigh in starts at 9:00am Sharp and the sparring will commence at 9:30am.
    We ask all students to be there from the start of the competition to the end if possible. We ask this to ensure you are enjoying everything the competition has to offer as well as supporting our clubs competing as the support being received may be for your child.

    We are also putting on a Barbeque with sausages, thin steaks, salad and drinks for sale on the day.

    We will also be selling old Merchandise heavily discounted so bring some money if you want to grab a bargain.

    The venue is Kellyville Public School (Windor Rd Kellyville) and there will be 2 entrances, 1 off Windsor Rd and the other from Annabelle Cresent with limited parking available. My recommendation is enter via Annabelle Cresent, because if the car park there is full, then use the on street parking in Annabelle Cresent (as there should be plenty).


    See you all there and hope you have a fabulous day.


    Red Dragon 2015 Tournament Divisions for Review

    I am excited to announce we have 67 competitors registered for our tournament this weekend.

    I am posting the Divisions List for review and feedback, generally we have good match ups but there a few mismatches requiring approval. I will be contacting relevant Masters / Parents for approval of those mis-matches.

    The Divisions List is HERE.