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    Training for the Holidays

    I get asked alot by Students, what sort of training they can do during the holidays. Students can feel limited due to lack of social interaction as well as lacking the routine of weekly training. I have some good tips to keep your training up and help fight those Christmas Kilos...

    • Training does not need to be intense.

    Some people may be put off that they cannot train as intense as they normally do in class, don't worry about it, any training is good training and if it was easy to get the ultimate workout yourself, we would not need classes right. Focus on things you can get good at by yourself. Strength and rhythm training are usually good to focus on but number 1 in my books is technique.

    Focus on your basic kicks, build a routine into your week where you can practice Kicks (or even blocks). Build a goal to increase your effort each successive session, be it with the number of kicks or the way you train your kicks (more about that later).

    • Change your environment

    Perhaps training at home is boring, consider going to the park, a friends house or even the beach to do your workout. Nothing beats a solid run on the beach early in the morning followed by forms at the edge of the water. Also consider going to train with a friend, even if they do not train with the club, use it an opportunity to share experiences and training techniques.

    • Opportunity to work on your weaknesses

    Motivation is a big part of any training, if you have time to focus on something, what will motivate you more than working on your weaknesses. Power is a good example. What I used to do is practice all my fundamental kicks as a warm up for my workout, but the intensity would increase as my workouts built on themselves. Towards the end I was working on technique and power by using the hold method, ie. throw your  kick but hold it in the air for 1 second, before retracting it. Typically this is for Front Kicks, Side Kicks and Turning Kicks (ie extending kicks, not swinging kicks). Getting good strength in my kicks in the air translated well when I started working out on the punching bag. If Strength and power was a weakness, I would see my kicks transformed within a month quite easily.

    Memorising and perfecting forms is also an often weakness people just do not have time for to remedy. use this time to do so, because if your instructor has to re-teach you all your forms when you get back, it is not a great use of your or the classes time.

    • Do other Sports

    I always think you should mix your activities with Martial Arts regardless, even more so during the holidays. Consider Cycling for Leg Strength and Endurance. Swimming for good lung capacity and overall fitness. Running as a cardio workout. Or take up another class or activity to sharpen you up. Maybe these are not things you normally incorporate into your training regime, perhaps the holidays are a good time to get started. Perhaps you don't have the time or the energy to do these sorts of activities during the year with your TKD training as well. If you can build your fitness in these activities, you will find it easier to incorporate into your training in future.


    I hope these are helpful tips and would love to hear from others about their thoughts and ideas on how to stay fit and healthy despite the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Please also take the time to consider those who don't get to enjoy the holidays as we do so get out there and appreciate what you have (donating to charity is a good idea too).





    Welcome to our new SITE

    Hi all,

    Welcome to our new Red Dragon Taekwondo Web site.

    This site replaces the old one which was created and temporarily maintained by Maria Tsoutis (2nd Dan) and hosted by IC Consulting Services in Sydney  by my friends Scott and Garry Farrell. Hats off to them for their support on the old site. The time has come to retire it and bring it up to the 2011 standard.

    I hope this site is useful to a few groups of people:

    • Existing Students - This is a good place for students to discuss TKD, socialise with their friends and spread awareness of our club, gain feedback regarding their performance
    • Instructors - Our Instructors can display leadership by logging in and providing advice, comments and show inspiration to existing and prospective students
    • Parents of students - Parents are always concerned about the progress of their child (or even students themselves) and this is a great place to get some feedback
    • Prospective Students - Those seeking more information about our club, our programs and perhaps a general awareness of Taekwondo.

    Taekwondo is a special Martial art, very close to my heart. My personal message to all interested in Taekwondo is that you can find amazing cardio, strength and confidence training that can be gained through Taekwondo. Martial Arts in general also offer a very motivating environment to train in as you work with (and against) other students to raise your standards and make you achieve things you never believed you could.


    Please enjoy the site and let me know if you have any questions about the club or Taekwondo in General.




    John Tsoutis

    Head Instructor - Red Dragon Taekwondo

    5th Dan Black Belt

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