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    Tournament Draw

    Hi all,

    Just a quick note to publish our Tournament Draw for our Beginners Tournament this weekend.

    You can find the Draw HERE: November Beginner's Tournament Draw


    A Reminder that first weigh in is at 9:30am.

    The competition is set to commence at 10am.

    Venue is: Kellyville Public School, 35A Windsor Rd, Kellyville.

    We also have planned a Sparring class at the end of all matches open to anyone. It's a good opportunity to get feedback about your performance and pick up some new sparring tips and ideas.

    We will also be selling Drinks, Sandwiches and have a Bake Drive (if you want to donate some cookies or cakes etc). We will also be selling sparring equipment and Red Dragon Merchandise for those requiring it.

    See you all there, I am excited for another great tournament.


    Olympics Taekwondo starts tonight and the Red Dragon Tournament Draw

    Hi all,

    I am sure you are all excited about the Olympics, specifically our team competing in the Taekwondo.

    The competition starts tonight, here is the schedule:

    If anyone wins their first match they automatically go through to Quarter Finals, if not they get to fight off in the Repercharger round. 

    Check https://www.rio2016.com/en/taekwondo for full details.

    Secondly for the Amateur Olympics, our beginner's Tournament, the first draft of the Draw is ***here***.


    Road to Rio Fund Raising Dinner

    As you all may know, our Olympic Hopefuls for Taekwondo; Safwan Khalil, Hayder Shkara, Carmen and Caroline Marton are representing Australia at the Rio Olympics in just over 1 months' time. On Saturday night (9th July) we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Road to Rio Dinner, a fund raising dinner for two of the Olympic Athletes, Safwan, already a friend to Red Dragon, and Hayder. 

    We had booked a table for 10 of our Black Belts from Red Dragon, a simple way to say thanks to all of them for their tireless efforts supporting our wonderful club.

    We had a brilliant night, as there would have been over 500 people in attendance. It was a wonderful celebration of Taekwondo as we witnessed many demonstration matches by elite level fighters, some State Champions, some Korean Athletes as well as a former Junior World Champion.

    We also witness some excellent demonstrations by Ali Khalil and Safwan's Club Global Taekwondo. Their students were outstanding as they did some awesome Taekwondo moves perfectly choreographed to thumping music.

    The highlights of the night were the Speeches by the athletes, both Hayder and Safwan talked about the massive sacrifice they make in pursuit of their dreams, how they have to put their lives on hold for their dreams of Olympic success. Learning how Safwan actually tore a Cruciate Ligament in his Knee first time he competed internationally and was forced to take a year off, how his resilience and determination saw him through to achieve his Olympic Qualification Dream. Also how heart broken Hayder was to missout of London 2012 Qualification, but managed to turn the negative of failing to qualify to a positive, by being the best training partner for Safwan to succeed in London. Ultimately this renewed focus boosted his preparation for these Rio Olympics and he finally realised his dream by qualifying.

    Both had an inciteful, intelligent and poigniant message to give to the enthusiastic crowd about pursuing your dreams and resilience through hardship. This is all too farmiliar a message that people need to pay attention to most these days. This is the beauty of Taekwondo, we do hard physical and mental training but also show the virtues of courage and facing your fears. Thanks to Hayder and Safwan for so elequantly communicating this message as they are an assett to the Taekwondo Community.

    I can similarly commend the Marton Sisters, although I have not met them, Chris Kubisch our Instructor from Melbourne had similar things to say about Caroline. She recently ran a special Class for our Kilmore School and everyone mentioned how grounded and lovely she was.

    Another Highlight was the Tag Team matchups between 5 Australian athletes and 5 Korean Athletes. Where other matches were thought out cautionary scoring affairs, these were straight out quick fire shootouts as members of the teams would tag in and swap with an existing fighter. It made for some dramatic entrances as fighters were flying in trying to score points with their opponent unaware, and the pace was relentless. This was by far a crowd favourite as the audience got behind the energy that this match portrayed. 


    It's a really positive time to be doing Taekwondo today and best of luck to our Olympic Hopefuls as this is our best chance yet at some serious medals. Safwan recently won a Bronze at the German Open and Carmen has been World Champion in the past and hopes to repeat that success at the Olympics.

    Red Dragon Taekwondo wishes them all the best and thanks for such a wonderful night at the fund raiser dinner.

     Photos and videos Here:

    Road to Rio Dinner Photos and Videos

    Safwan giving his inspirational Speech Caroline Marton with Master ChrisRed Dragon Team with Hayder and Safwan



    Wow what a brilliant Day.

    Today Red Dragon was fortunate enough to be involved with the Channel 7 Sunrise Program, having a large group of students and parents come to Coolibah Fitness Center from 5 am this morning. The Sunrise Team were simply fabulous and Sam Mac delighted the students with photos and autographs.

    The students were all smiles as they arrived at the wee hours of the morning, but impressively they arrived 5am sharp, even to the Producer's surprise. The level of discipline and restrain from all the students shown drew alot of positive feedback from both the producer and Sam Mac himself.

    Sam Mac, Safwan and the Red Dragon Taekwondo Team

    As we all geared up to commence, Sam got the crowd warmed up for the live crosses. They involved having students bow to Australia followed by Sam leading some simple switching drills that we normally run for the little ninjas.

    Afterwards we moved outside whilst Jack Maguire performed and excellent Jump Kick board break over 4 other kids. Sam Mac decided to have a go at holding the board as he fully immersed himself in the experience. Amazingly the board holders stood a meter and a half away from the other kids giving Jack and even bigger distance to jump, but true to form Jack still cleared the distance and fully outstretched, he broke the board.


    We were then surprised with an appearance of Safwan Khalil, the Olympian who just qualified for the Rio Olympics in Taekwondo. Sam Mac briefly interviewed him as our team stood around listening to stories of how he got into taekwondo and his hopes for the Olympics.

    We did do some further demonstrations to the Sunrise Team to show what we could demonstrate during the crossovers, but sadly our time was cut short due to some important breaking news stories that ate up some time. Hence we concluded with Sam trying to break a board himself. He playfully had the producer draw the face of Johnny, the foe to Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid, as his inspiration to break the board.

    I loved the expression on Sam's face when both he broke the board as well as earlier executing some kicking drills with minimal training (he literally had 4 attempts beforehand and decided he would just have a go, suprised us with a spinning kick at the end, are you kidding me - future tkd champ written all over him).

    Thanks to the Red Dragon Team who performed and supported us brilliantly today, thanks to Sean and Sam from Channel 7, Steve the camera guy was excellent too. Thanks to you all for watching and make sure you like this on facebook, spread the word about our appearance.

    If you are looking for the videos, here are the channel 7 links:

    Sam is given a taekwondo uniform

    Sam takes over a taekwondo class

    Sam learns to kick

    Sam gets his face chopped

    Sam chats to Safwan Khalil

    Sam takes a taekwondo souvenier

    After the class we gifted Sam the uniform (of course) and I was thrilled to see the elation in his eyes as I genuinely felt he enjoyed his experience and wanted to find a club to take it up. What a great story this makes and what an exciting opportunity to show Australia what a great, confidence building sport Taekwondo really is.



    Building excitement for the year and the yearning

    Happy New Year to all our Students and Family at Red Dragon Taekwondo.

    I Sincerely hope everyone had a great holiday period and managed to recharge their batteries for another promising year ahead. 2015 was a fabulous year for the club with New Black belts being promoted, record numbers at gradings and record numbers of students for the club. We have 2 Sparring Classes which are proving to be very popular as well as a Poomse (forms) class for those interested in competing.

    This all looks to continue as Adam, myself, Rick and the rest of the team are set to continue building excitement for this year. Here are some of the goals I am setting for our club this year:


    • Start a High Performance Class for Elite Level Students
    • Develop High Level Self Defence and Black Belt Training to motivate and challenge our senior students
    • Expand our Coaching by offering Classes to Child Care Centres
    • Continue Excelling at Competitions
    • Run 2 Red Dragon Tournaments this year (April and August)


    These are some of the goals in mind as we enter the new year but of course we may add more as we see fit. As always your opinion is always welcomed.

    We have been running our holiday program during January and have been amazed with the large numbers we have been getting. 22 on Thursday nights, 21 on Saturdays, numbers have been healthy. I have been away from training for almost 2 weeks now with a family holiday and other comittments. I was enjoying a lovely sunny day at the beach in Port MAcquarie when I get a text from our Melbourne instructor Chris Kubisch. HE tells me he is missing Taekwondo massively, unlike us, he doesn't run a holiday program as most of his students are away.

    When I heard that I started to miss it too. I am yearning for some high level training to really push me and find my fitness and boost my motivation to teach. Because if I am fit, healthy and confident I know that will rub off on all my students, so thanks Chris for reminding me of that yearning.

    Now it's my job to remind all of you...

    Quick Reminders about Term Fees. Go to our Webtore at trytkd.com/fees to pay for both Term Fees and now also you STA Membership. Membership Payment are under Yearly Fees Category in the web store.

    The link is here: STA 2016 Membership