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    Amazing results from the Australian National Taekwondo Championships

    Mega congratulations to our amazing sparring team. We did something very special at Nationals in the past 2 days. Our simple team of 9 gladiators strapped on their armour, dove into their matches head first, heads held high and placing their best kick forward as their flashing pads glistened in the Bendigo Sports Center's lights.

    Please help me to congratulate our valiant team:

    - Dilan who valiantly went down in his 1st round match, but showed his class in the 2nd and 3rd rounds out scoring his opponent. Alas his 1st round left too big a deficit to recover from. But what a comeback!

    - Mayra who revisited her opponent from the State championships, managed to avenge her prior defeat to win the national title.

    - Ethan who was a totally different fighter and delivered the most stunning cut kicks to win 2 matches and the national title. He also won the prize of a pair of Mooto Gloves for being fighter of the day.

    - Hamish who totally blew his opponent away to win his national title

    - Sarina who fought a stunning first round to defeat her opponent (she manages to always send someone out crying) and then again met her foe from State Championships the awesome Olivia, went down to her but ended up National title runner up

    - Chris Issac who drew a very strong opponent from city west taekwondo, in his first round match, was confidently scoring and troubling his opponent when he accidently caught a kick in his eye hence could not continue. It was a great performance and i shudder to think what he could have achieved if not for this incident.

    - Daniel Woodcock who used he powerful style and excellent defensive movements to get himself through 2 matches to the final, alas the fighter from Koryo Taekwondo was very aggressive and Daniel picked up a foot injury that hampered him in the final. Coming back from 8:2 down he managed to get the score even at 8:8 with 30 seconds to go. What a gutsy performance just to achieve that as the Red Dragon supportive team were going mental for him to get just 2 more points. In pursuit if the points his opponent managed 4 more and Daniel achieved national titles runner up.

    - Chelsea who won through to her semi final to achieve a brilliant bronze medal

    - Lastly Luca dominated his division (after weeks of fasting so he could make his weight) by winning every match through 20 point gap. A very dominant performance to win him the national title.

    Big thanks to our amazing team, Adam Hopper for his amazing coaching (and let's not forget he drove the whole way by himself), Chris Kubisch for his support and ability to get past security, Chris Barton for managing the team and ensuring everyone was ready, the parents for their wonderful support and good humour (enough stories about Hawaii Belinda), special mention to Rick Karvouniaris for getting us started on this road, thanks for all your knowledge and excellent support of our team laying the right foundation, and lastly to Jeff Crane for his wisdom and many last minute items needed for the tournament. Jeff we are starting to fill that notebook!

    I sincerely hope all students can feel immense pride in this as our little club is starting to achieve big things. We want all our students to grow from this and look forward to sharing our stories and motivation this brings us to everybody.

    Bring on 2018!


    Change of Venue for Tuesday evening Classes

    Hi all,

    Just a quick note, effective immediately all our Tuesday night classes that were at Blaxcell St School will be moving to Merrylands Coolibah Gym. This includes the Grading on the 16th May.

    Tuesday Classes impacted:

    5:00 - 6:30pm Junior Dragons Class

    6:30 - 8:00pm Sparring Class

    Formerly held at Guildford at Blaxceel St Public School, now at Coolibah Squash and Fitness Center, 25 Paton St Merrylands.

    Please contact Master John if you have any challenges with this change.



    2017 Skool Hollerday CAMP!

    2017 Skool Hollerday CAMP!


    We are proud to announce the 2017 School Holiday Camp for Red Dragon Taekwondo. This Camp is open to all Dragons Students aged 8 and over, if you are a dragons student under 8, you can attend with a parent stay option so you mum or dad can stay with you.

    This camp is suitable for BOTH students who want a fun activity to do during the holidays AND those who want some serious and more focussed training than what they normally get at class.

    It's over 2 days / 1 night, starting Thursday April 20th and finishing Friday April 21st.

    Come finish your Holidays with a BANG!


    How do I book?

    Booking and Registration for the Camp is all done through our web store. Please click on the "Find out more" Button below. It takes you to the web store where you can register and pay for the camp, or you can choose "phone Order" if you wish to register and pay later.

    All Camp attendees go into the Draw to win a Brand New Red Dragon Polo and we will be giving away 3 of these at the camp. First 6 to book will get 2 draws for the Polo Shirt.

    What do I need to bring?

    All the details regarding what you need for the camp as well as registration are available if you click the "Find out more" Button below.

    If you want to go straight to the online registration page (yes we know you can't wait to get away from mum and dad) click on the "Register"  button. 

    Please note we require parents permission on BOTH the Web Store registration as well as the paper registration at the end of the document.

    Find out more
    Have Questions?

    Contact Master John on 0419 165 416 or via jtsoutis@gmail.com

    Return to Classes from 30th January 2017, New 2017 Memberships and Membership Forms

    ** Please note this is a copy of the email sent out to all students and parents last week.  **


    Happy New Year to everyone. 


    I sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful break during the holiday periods. It’s great returning to classes and hearing student’s adventures during their holidays but mostly they mention how they missed training. 

    We are all looking forward to resuming classes next week.


    A friendly reminder that classes resume Monday 30th January.


    2017 is bringing in some changes for Red Dragon Taekwondo. Please read the below content carefully as it requires your urgent attention.




    Firstly, we have a slight change in business name, from Red Dragon Taewondo we are now Red Dragon Taekwondo Pty Ltd.


    Due to this change, we are asking all students to fill in brand new Membership Forms for 2017 (attached at the end of this email). 

    This also assists us in ensuring we have up to date details for you especially email addresses. We require to communicate with you on a regular basis to advise of:


    • Tournament schedule
    • Grading Schedule
    • Holiday periods
    • Any changes to existing classes (moving to staff room or library for example due to school disco)
    • General news and information
    • Fees due and memberships due


    I have attached the membership form for you to fill in, we require 1 per student and we require it signed by a parent and please make sure you write neatly and clearly your email address and preferred contact number.



    Scanning and emailing to jtsoutis@gmail.com is accepted by that date but we do require the original form returned to us.


    A new portion on the form is to provide permission for us to you your / your child’s image on our social media pages, website and promotional material.




    For 2017 there are also changes with our governing body, Formerly it was called Sports Taekwondo Australia (or STA) the governing body has also changed it’s name.


    It’s now known as Australian Taekwondo.


    There is also a change in the Registrations for 2017. No longer will we have tiered Memberships based on age, we now have 1 flat fee for all students regardless of age.


    This is $35 per student per year. This is compulsory for every student. Failure to get the membership may result in you losing your position at a class within the club.


    The easiest way for us to receive this payment is via the web store: 







    Lastly a final reminder to please get your payments for the Annual or Term Fees for 2017 done ASAP. For those who have already paid, thanks for your promptness and for your attention to this time consuming matter.

    A reminder that paying your Annual Fees means you save on class fees over the course of the year.

    A reminder that paying your term fees before term commences give you an additional $10 discount and also frees the instructor’s time from taking payments during class so they can focus on the students.


    The code is published on the website as well as emailed out: PXSSSF26RAFP


    Our Webstore is trytkd.com/fees


    Alternative payment methods: Credit Card (Please call Master John on 0419 165 416 to arrange payment over the phone)


    Direct Deposit: BSB - 732 340 Account - 512 188




    Thanks to you all for reading the above carefully and ensuring your / your child’s resubmission to Red Dragon Pty Ltd for 20178 is a very smooth one. 

    If you have any questions regarding the above or anything with regards to our club, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks and Kindest Regards

    John Tsoutis

    Head Instructor
    Red Dragon Taekwondo

    0419 165 416

    Red Dragon Taekwondo | Martial Arts Training Specialising in Kids, Teens and Families


    What an amazing year and Supporting Chloe Saxby

    Hi all,

    2016 has been an amazing year for Red Dragon Taekwondo. 
    Classes have been filling or full, to the point we have placed waitlists on certian classes.
    We have just graded our largest number of 1st Dan in the History of the Club (14) as well as added a new 3rd Dan to the ranks. We have also had great success at competition level for both Sparring and Poomse, boasting numerous State Champions as well as sucess at more local competition level.

    To top it all off we mamaged to get our faces on TV and had a small part in promoting Taekwondo for the Olympics. Our Sunrise appearance was definitely a highlight for the year.

    As we come to a close for 2016, we look at all we have achieved and can say we should all be very proud.
    For me personally I can say it's been a very tiring year as I have been somewhat stretched, but despite that I am still loving every second of this adventure.

    I am looking forward to finishing our classes with a bang this week, as well as the Christmas Party on Saturday. We give out Student of the year awards on Saturday and also plan on getting very wet (bring your water pistols).

    If you have not RSVPed already for the Christmas Party, please do so ASAP. The invitation and instructions on how to do so are HERE.

    The Holiday Class Dates are also released, see full details HERE.

    Lastly those wishing to pay Yearly Fees, the details for that are HERE!

    I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. Looking forward to an amazing 2017 as we continue to grow and hopefully put some smiles on students faces as they continue to strive to succeed!

    We hope you can spare a moment to dontate to a charity we are supporting, Chloe Saxby's Story is an unfortunate one but perhaps we can help make a difference. In lieu of Christmas presents to the Instructors, we are asking if people can give a few dollars to this cause and let us know that you did. This is the best gift you can give and will mean way more to our Team.