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    John Tsoutis - Founding Member Red Dragon Taekwondo


    Taekwondo is not just a martial art, but for me, a way of life.

    I have trained for over 31 years and this amazing martial arts has, and continues to, teach me so much about life.

    I started at the age of 13, as a child who ordinarily got picked on, but I overcame all the personal hurdles young life can throw at you to reach Black Belt Level at the age of 18. 

    As I always tell my students, Black Belt is where is begins. I went from training once a week, being good at the fundamentals techniques and also performing at my original club at a strong level to absolute overdrive. I think having a driving license helped, having access to a Gym at University probably helped too. But I was suddenly training 8-9 times a week, commanding classes of over 30 students, opening my own class in Guildford and finally competing at State and National Levels.

    I have trained with Olympians (OK only 2) and many who have completed at World Championship Level. I have learnt and shared training techniques with these people and continue to learn from the wider Taekwondo Community.

    I have trained many students over the years, some highlights include having graded more than 50 Black Belts (under Red Dragon) as well as several hundred students. I pride in what I have maintained in the club as I want to build confident individuals who are not afraid to take on life and succeed, no matter what the goal.

    My approach to Training is of one of engagement. I am not a Master who just stands out the front yelling at people, I get involved in the class too. This is important as I want the students to have ownership of their training, I am more there as a guide and we are all having a training session together. It's a very social experience, we have lots of fun but at the same time we have some very challenging classes. We also hold Full Contact Sparring classes and Elite Training Classes and I take part in each of these. It's important to me to be fit, and giving my students every opportunity to measure themselves against me and other Blackbelts.

    Our Club Motto is "Excellence through Inspiration, Dedication and Perspiration" so it's through consistent, hard and focussed training that our students have been able to achieve their goals and continue to grow. 

    I have alot of pride in the club, the students and instructors we have, I think speak for themselves. I want to continue have strong focussed and motivated students,  also to provide challenging and constantly evolving training. I think if I can adhere to these goals, the growth and wealth of the club will look after itself.

    Come join the Ride.

    John Tsoutis

    Founding Memeber - Red Dragon Taekwondo

    6th Dan Black Belt 

    Member of Sports Taekwondo Australia

    Kukkiwon Certified 6th Dan